CAD Tools

These are macros and addins created by Feel free to try them out.

All ThumbsAll Thumbs allows you to set a consistent background color and visual settings for file thumbnails regardless of your application settings within Inventor.
Download: All Thumbs

Design NotesDesign Notes is a history based note editor for all types of Inventor files. This application adds the ability to tag notes to a file without the overhead of maintaining another database.
Download: Design Notes (Autodesk Exchange Apps)

Swift Prints allows you to create templates for common printer configurations that you can quickly access later for one click printing of Inventor drawings.
Download: Swift Prints  (Autodesk Exchange Apps)


central_iconCentral is centralized administration of Inventor application options: The CAD manager can pick and choose what application options need to be standardized on each client installation. Each time Inventor loads, your application options are checked against your company standards and modified as required.
Download: Central (Beta)

* All add-ins are both Windows x86 and x64 compliant. * All add-ins require Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 or greater. * By downloading these add-ins you are automatically accepting this license agreement.


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