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Quick Tip: Vault Copy Design

Using the Copy Design tool within Autodesk Vault to create a new design based on an existing design is a great way to hit the ground running with a new design. For those not familiar with the command, it allows you to select an assembly within Vault and make a copy of it using a …

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Autoproject edges during sketch creation?

Taking a poll of the Inventor user community… How many of you have the autoproject edges for sketch creation and edit turned on? I have always left it off because the majority of the time I do not want extra edges projected into my new sketch and therefore making the new feature more dependent on …

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Assembly constraint options

Two of the most under used and misunderstood application options are related to assembly constraints. How many times have you inherited someone else’s assembly file and spent hours trying to unravel their constraint scheme? Enter the options, ‘constraint redundancy analysis’ and ‘constraint failure analysis’. Constraint redundancy analysis will analyze for duplicate constraints applied within your …

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Inventor on 2 computers and 3 screens?

If you have ever done a lot intense rendering within Inventor studio on large assemblies, you know how long the rendering process can take to create a lengthy animation. Even by breaking the animation into short segments and pasting them together later still can take hours for a few seconds of animation. One solution to …

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